The Black Love Tantra™ Experience

Black love Tantra™️ is a bond strengthening game designed to cultivate more self awareness in the indigenous community through the practice of communication and active embodiements of tantric ritual.

compassionately channeling emotions

explore the sublime and omnipotent life force in all
beings through ceremony filled with ritual, reverence, truth, vulnerability and
a willingness to take accountability for how we have contributed to our own

  • Conversation Game

    Ideal for intimate gatherings to undress difficult topics in a safe space. The conversation game comes with a community and partner ritual guide to assist with infusing deep meaning into each conversation.

    I'm ready to converse 
  • Tantric Embodiment Game

    Just as a sustainable fire must be kindled to stay aflame, this tantric embodiment deck moves deeper into practices that strengthen physical and psychic communions that build upon themselves.

    I'm ready to practice 
  • Tantric Kink Mistress Special

    Ancient returned affirmations, erotic coloring book, intimacy oil for sensual pleasure, pleasure and pain practices playbook, and tantric embodiement game to heighten your relationship with yourself and your partner(s).

    enter the vortex of self love 

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