• Tarot Reimagined & Decolonized

    Dream Awake Tarot™ is a hexagonal shaped deck that is composed of 36 cards total. The 22-major acana and 14-contemplation cards are organized and defined based on which cards you feel align with the the more orthorthodox tarot sturucture.

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  • Enhancing intuitive & psychic abilities

    The Inspiration Guide, 101 and 202 Playbooks are available to explore the esoteric (hidden) symbolism in tarot. Both 101 and 202 provide a framework & playsheets to self reflect fand align your daily habits with your highest intentions.

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  • Immersive Learning Experience

    Your Dream Awake Tarot™ holiday bundle comes with two tarot decks--one 56-card lessor arcana Pinnacle deck, and one 36-card triumph deck. The bundle also includes one 101-playbook (tarot foundations) & 202-playbook (yogic embodiments & tantric rituals). Estimated fulfillment mid December 2022. 

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Ashanti Gumbo Tarot Safari Learning Experience

A hands on, do-the-work journey with Obatalia for 36-days as she guides you in completing your tarot deck or oracle deck, whilst digging deeper into self reflection in a shared group setting during weekly zoom check-ins and what's app accountability group.

  • Black Opal Safari

    1-hr consultation call

    planning & strategy binder organized self guided kit

    access to creator cohort

    resource lists & scripts

    international shipping & production master class

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  • Amazonite Safari

    All benefits of Black Opal

    Social Media, webpage and affiliate business templates systems & automations

    wholesale scripts

    merchandising masterclass

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  • Auralite Safari

    All the benefits of Black Opal & Amazonite packages. Done for you website, email list with funnels and automizations in place and we teach you how to manage it.

    We source illustrators if the artwork isn't your original art and hold your hand all the way through to receving your very first sample deck from your printer.

    We assist with artwork formatting and international shipping. You get to focus on your zone of genius and make all executive decisions.

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Our Value System

What Makes Us Unique


Our current shipping schedule is for holiday fulfillment for December. We do this in order to reduce or carbon emissions and take extra special time putting your packges together. We are a small company and may begin to leverage fulfillment services as demand increases.


We adhear to a slow fulfillment business model to maximize resources and minimize the cost for both you and us. We believe in a fair business model that also support the earth by eliminating single use plastic and ensuring that packaging is biodegradable.


We operate off of integrity and communication and are always endeavor to discover how we can better serve you. When order from us, we consider you to be a member of a blooming community and not just another consumer.

Cost v.s. Value

We endeavor to produce high quality, sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly digital and printed media. From our shipping process, packaging, zeal to pay those who assist a livable wage, and desire to give back to the community through affilitate structures, we increase our pricing to accomodate a business built on reciprocity and long term investments. The value provided long term pays for itself and compounds the wealth in areas of your life.

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