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Obatalia is a multi-genre, multi-lingual musical artist, entrepreneur, and metaphysician.

As a Berklee School of Music and Full Sail graduate, she made it a mission to solidify a solid foundation on the business of music; as well as, comprehending the complexities of sound frequencies, the necessity for collaboration in production, and embracing the minute details that can altar a song in engineering. 

The music she produces is lovingly composed of loops, layers; in addition to, musical collaborations to create meditations, and affirmations.

These artistic prayers are designed to influence the body’s most dominant element; which is water. Water has a memory, this is why it is easier to remember things when you put it into the context of a song that rhymes. Therefore, in support of the eradication of subconscious mind control, Obatalia creates musical codes to explode the matrix and ascend the genetic blueprint and prosper generations past and to come. 

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Inviting Obatalia as a speaker at your next festival, panel discussion, workshop, retreat and/or other formal event, is a wise choice and encouraged for those who not only want to inspire any audience but also motivate them into action and lasting change! 

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Model Portfolio

Obatalia has been modeling for over a decade. From feeling like an ugly duckling as a young girl to blossoming into a woman completely in love with herself, she exudes hard earned self-confidence after overcoming insurmountable odds.

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