Tantric Kink Mistress

As a financial domme, I have clearly etched my own expression of this particular kink that honors my core values. I am a very kind being; yet, I can still control you psychologically, ignore you, and drive you wild with anticipation. 

This entire dynamic is carefully, and intentionally curated. Stepping out of line at anytime will dissolve any connection you ever had to me. Please honor my time and energy wisely. 

My FinDom Mission



Position myself first at all times and live a luxurious life coupled with civil advocacy through financial redistribution and legacy building (its not just about trips, shoes, and clothes for me)


Eliminate shame and stigmas around having your kinky desires fulfilled without abuse of ethics and reckless disregard for your soul. 

Expand the financial bandwidth of my submissive’s to make it easier to honor me financially and maintain a healthy, and sexy personal life. (Because I do care) 


Dominate without humiliation by way of encouragement, inspiration, and innovation. 


Enhance the lives of my submissive’s through educational media and limited; yet highly satisfying digital social interactions. 

Invert the field of financial domination by allowing you limited access to my wisdom versus my body because sapio sexuality is a thing.


Decolonize the kink and create a sacred space for women of all ethnic backgrounds to be worshiped and financially nourished. 

Choose Your Path of Reverence

Potentional submissives are expected to: 

Embody and exude Integrity & obedience

Communicate affectively via our private chat only. (only for alchemists)

Be available to honor Obatalia’s needs as they are expressed as quickly as possible with no expectation of feedback from me whatsoever. 

Pay in crypto, Cash App, and other methods that have been pre-defined.

Benefits of Being a Subscriber

As an Only Fans Subscriber, this is the simplist way to support and has a multitude of ways to witness, support a lifestyle of luxury, and honor my boundaries.

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Benefits of Being a Jewel

If you would like to make me smile, make my day, and simply show reverence; then becoming a jewel is a sacred position that supports my overall wellbeing.

Key Benefits:

Pleasure of pleasing me 

Feeling the rush of sending money without regard for how it will be used 

Richness and affluence of disposable income to do what you please

Trusting that however it is used you have honored your kink without harming anyone including yourself. 

Become A Jewel Now

Benefits of Being an Alchemist

Key Benefits:

All the benefits of Jewels 

Membership to private Signal chat for Alchemists.

Occasional and unpredictable messages featuring whatever I feel led to share.

The application process is mandatory as my safety is of the utmost importance to me and I have to ensure that you are safe to interact with. I need to assess whether or not my services have the potential to meet your needs and that you are not psychologically, spiritually, or emotionally abusive.

Apply to Be an Alchemist Now

Considerations for Potential Alchemsits

Please note that paying a tribute does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a submissive. Everything must be done holistically and if you don’t fit into the holistic way in which I dominate please honor me honoring myself. 

Methods for speeding up application process pick one of the following (not required but favor is shown to those who make this a priority):

1000 word essay on the importance of water and the role it plays in health and healing. 

1000 word essay on the horrors of female genital mutilation. 

1000 word essay on child trafficking, childhood marriage and the shell companies that support these industries. 

email essays to tantrickinkmistress@proton.me