infinite unfolding

early life

Obatalia Yemoshunya, born Alia Cooper, was once a skinny ashy little girl growing up in the southern battered and deep
fried country town of Jonesboro, Georgia. She’s a survivor of bullying, rumor mills, rape, cyber bullying, molestation
and years of her own self-abuse that she used as a coping mechanism to “deal” mental

education & experience

She has served for the past seven years as a trained and registered integrative yoga instructor through College Park based Yoga On The Move, LLC.

As a graduate of the historically black college, Clark Atlanta University, Habesha WORKS certified organic permaculture Gardener, Ra Sekhi certified
Kemetic Reiki practitioner, and
certified music engineer through Full Sail University, Obatalia fuses the lessons from these experiences into what she loves to refer to as her Ashanti
Gumbo™ Experience.

forms of self expression

Even with a mountain of trials along her path, she’s overcome the odds and has been featured in magazines, spoken professionally all over the world, won pageants, written several books, sings live on stage; as well as, serves as a companion to elders, the handicapable, hospice patients, and special needs community members.

The multi-hyphenate creative has designed a tarot deck, produced; as well as,
engineered music, meditations and affirmations.

community service

In an effort to exalt communal womb wellbeing, Obatalia successfully co-launched
the Sisterhood Wellspring in the summer of 2020. It is a community service organization that caters to
survivors of sexual violence and wild women seeking authentic intimate communion
in a non-judgmental digital forum. 

She successfully manages multiple initiatives that fuse tantric sensual coaching,
organizational prowess, authenticity, and economic empowerment.


Obatalia’s professional aspirations include being a featured TEDx speaker
and edutainer addressing the delicate intersection of multi-hyphenate creatives and the social responsibility to craft environmentally conscious products and services that
pave the way for the sovereignty of generations to come.

She advocates for duplicable waste management innovations to clean up cities all over the world to improve soil, air, and water conditions.


It is clear that Obatalia lives in service to helping folks get out of their own way by assisting them with taking their innermost desires out of their heads and putting them into actionable steps in the soles of their feet.