Building a tarot system of deep personal meaning

Your Dream Awake Tarot™ holiday bundle comes with two tarot decks--one 56-card lessor arcana Pinnacle deck, and one 36-card triumph deck. The bundle also includes one 101-playbook (tarot foundations) & 202-playbook (yogic embodiments & tantric rituals). Estimated fulfillment mid December 2022. 

Investing the time to dream and think bigger

My first tarot deck with the traditional Coleman-Wait deck, I then was gifted a class with the renowned James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Deck. After his class, I was hooked! I loved exploring my own my mind and uncovering intimate things about myself through personal readings. discouraged by the lack of diversity in most decks I saw in the marketplace, I began to dream bigger and envision my own tarot system. 

self loving reflection

Holiday Bundle Benefits

Enhances intution

Establish a deeper communion with tarot outside of the traditional format and create your own dialogue with your subconsubconscious mind.

Builds Healthy Ritual

Both the 101 and 202 playbooks encourages healthy ritual by developing your schuedle around yoga, meditation, and everything that brings you peace; so that, however you show up in your day to day responsibilties are from a self loving foundation.


offers insights into your own ability to develop a personalized tarot system that deviates from eurocentric images, monarchy, and words.

Builds Self Trust

You kno what you know and its time to embody this truth. A tarot practice is a wonderful way to confirm with yourself what you know to be true by seeing the signs and synchronicities all around you. While grounded the foundation of tarot into the body with the 202 playbook.

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The Ashanti Gumbo Experience™

Dream Awake Tarot Holiday Bundle

Dream Awake Tarot Holiday Bundle

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