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Obatalia Yemoshunya

Nasty Time Volume 1 Book

Nasty Time Volume 1 Book

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Nasty Time is a recollection of a self love story of a women willing to bare all of her skeletons for mental and emotional liberation from sexual shame and repression.

Societal pressures for women surrounding sexuality has created a disparaging imbalance and Nasty Time, in all of its raw, unfiltered grit is written to combat this phenomenon. 

You magnetized this book for a reason.

  1. Would you like to dive into the sacred innocence of sexuality?
  2. Are you into attracting information that can assist you on your sexual authenticity journey RIGHT NOW?
  3. Are you looking to deepen your relationship with your primal energy in simple ways without the fluff?
  4. Are you non-judgmental and open to exploring controversial topics that defy what you’ve been led to believe?

If your response was yes to a minimum of one the aforementioned questions, then Nasty Time, Vol 1. is for you.

Nasty Time Community Target Audience

  • Sensual seekers who desire to anchor more self acceptance & pleasure daily
  • Sex Magic Adepts magnetizing inspiration
  • Sex positive novices opening up to the inner world of tantric bliss through self empowerment.
  • Those experiencing Saturn Returns and/or Dark Knights of The Soul
  • Tantrikas who are interested in generating more orgasmic depth in 30 days or less after receiving this critical and timely download.
  • In need of ritualistic practices to connect them to their sexual energy in a sacred and reverent manner.
  • Curious about the process by which a straight woman allows herself to be loved by another women even while being judged and ridiculed for her choices.
  • The connection between sexually transmitted demons and the amount of love, respect, and acceptance we have for ourselves. 

What’s Inside?
“This books is written incredibly simple—straight with no chaser. If you trigger easily, you’ve been warned.”

  • 7 juicy chapters of playful storytelling
  • Acquire self pleasure writing exercises for transformation
  • Discover what no doctor will ever tell you about STI’s
  • Explore tools for transmuting sexual trauma
  • Resources for consistently practicing Yoni Prayer & Meditation Daily


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